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There isn't much to tell you here, you have to react quickly and be pointing the camera in the right direction. Observe the lightning before you attempt any shots - if all the bolts are very fast and do not strobe, then you will not be able to react fast enough.

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There is another technique you can try for lightning photography. If your camera has a fast continuous shooting mode - you can always just do a continuous shoot and hope that lightning occurs during that time. It does require a lot of discarding of images afterwards, but you may be rewarded with a fully branched daytime CG lightning picture!

I've had the opportunity to use a lightning trigger the past few thunderstorm seasons.

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There is no doubt that they will help you capture lightning that you just wouldn't be able to otherwise get. These daytime shots were obtained using a lightning trigger.

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  • You use the same photographic techniques described in the daytime and late afternoon tips section, but let the trigger do the work thereafter. There's usually no need to use a lightning trigger at night as you can use the night time lightning techniques described above which are very effective.

    If you don't have access to DSLR camera then you could also capture lightning photos using your mobile phone by downloading these lightning photography apps on your mobile phone iLightningCam Lite on devices support iOS, lightning Camera apk on Android Phones. If you have any comments or suggestions or corrections regarding these photo tips, please email Michael Bath. Locking the focus at infinity You do not want the camera searching for focus when trying to take pictures of lightning - so you need to set it to infinity first.

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    Compact Digital Cameras : Most of the compact digital cameras I have come across have an option to force the focus to infinity - so it is quite easy to lock the focus at infinity on those cameras - just find it on the menu or in the scenes dial. To find infinity at night you can use the autofocus system to try and focus on a distant light source then switch the lens to manual focus once this is found.

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    An option is to turn your car's lights on, walk some distance away - then focus on those lights. If you cannot get the autofocus mechanism to work you will have to manually focus the lens. A problem with most autofocus lenses is that they either have no infinity marker sideways 8 symbol or the centre of the infinity marker is not really infinity! On my Nikkor mm kens, infinity is slightly to the right of the infinity mark. A bit of trial and error may be required. October 12222 Coupon Codes

    A tip is to experiment with focusing during the day and note where the autofocus system locates infinity. Another option which I use is to obtain an old manual focus lens that has precise infinity - rotating the focusing ring to the far left and it is infinity. Night Time Lightning Photography Set your camera on a tripod. Connect a cable shutter release or set the remote for taking the shots.

    Lock focus at infinity. Set the shutter speed to bulb 'B' the shutter will stay open for as long as you hold it open. If you don't have this option, set the exposure time to the longest possible - realistically you need 10 to 30 seconds Set the aperture F-stop to between F2. Experiment a little with different settings but I recommend nothing higher than F8 unless you want many bolts of lightning to occur in the one photo.