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Getting In Present your Pass at the ticket booth to receive your general admission ticket. Open at am, daily. Check website for closing times. Open in Map App.

A disgusted Dolcefino walked off the job for two weeks in protest last month. And readers of the Houston Chronicle , which reported on Dolcefino's walkout, were left to wonder what was really going on.

Had Channel 13 executives exercised fair judgment when they spiked the work of an aggressive reporter who, one might fairly say, fully understands the theatrical aspects of his job? This is the guy who stood in a Dumpster in his suit and tie, accusing a school district of waste because it was discarding outdated textbooks that had been replaced by newer editions. Or had Wayne really gotten the goods on the rodeo, and the station was bowing down to the city's mightiest sacred cow? The station is one of many local groups that might like to partner with the rodeo on a summer festival it may start next year.

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KTRK officials haven't returned phone calls, and Dolcefino said he couldn't talk. But the Chronicle asked rodeo officials to provide the newspaper with all the records it provided to Wayne. Verdict: The charitable group has expensive taste in furnishings. And its office space cost significantly more to build than typical offices, although rodeo officials say there's a good explanation. All correctly guessed it was constructed by Brochsteins, a local millwork company. Rodeo officials defended their "Tejas Room.

And the foot-byfoot table had to be assembled in place and includes brass inlaid rodeo logos. The rodeo, they said, has to entertain important sponsors and heads of state, and it expects to be in its rent-free space at Reliant Center for longer than the typical office lease.

Security was more expensive because the rodeo keeps its cash in the offices during the show, rodeo officials said. A gas fire-suppression system was needed to protect millions of dollars' worth of video equipment that would ruin the show if it were damaged by water sprinklers. Dolcefino also planned to make much of the fact that the rodeo donates only 17 percent of its revenues to its charitable works, such as scholarships — a fact reported previously in the Chronicle.

The Better Business Bureau won't give a charity a passing grade unless at least 65 percent goes to charitable work and not overhead. It is not the same as giving a tax-deductible donation to a scholarship fund or feed-the-children group.

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Indeed, if anyone wanted to give to the rodeo's scholarship fund directly, he could. It would be tax-deductible, and the rodeo's scholarship foundation passes the BBB's 65 percent rule. Still, it is a point to consider. While the rodeo was chartered as a livestock show long before anyone thought of scholarships, the show heavily promotes its good works.