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Talon Marine Services is continuing their Suzuki Outboard sales with a special offer for the boat show season!.

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Warm winter deals on new Suzuki outboard boat engines make it easier to repower your boat. These deals will end the chill in your stockings and warm your boots. Invite your family and friends on the water after you repower your boat motor with Suzuki's great deals. Suzuki's Gimme 6 sales event makes it easy as with their Winter savings! This will allow you to focus on following through with this years new years resolutions.

The physical limitations of your transom will dictate how much horsepower and weight you can put back there.

While modern four-strokes are getting close to their two-stroke counterparts in weight, they still will add to the load at the stern. If you were not running the maximum-rated horsepower in your previous set up, you may have some wiggle room, and be able to absorb some extra weight without impacting seaworthiness.

Rigging: Time To Upgrade To Electronic Controls?

It's a good idea to check with your boatbuilder what the design limitations were before you start shopping. Weight considerations could limit you to DI two-stroke technology. Space is more of an issue if you are running twins or more because some of the high-horsepower modern four-strokes need more width between the engines, but not always. Honda, for example, designed their four-strokes to fit the standard footprint for easy repowers.

In addition, with the increased horsepower ratings available today, you may wish to switch from twins to a single outboard configuration.

For example, swapping twins for a single hp motor, in theory, will reduce both weight and drag, which should increase fuel economy without sacrificing performance. However, boatbuilders caution that the increased power and torque of these modern, power-dense outboards can be too much for transoms that weren't designed for it.

A safe bet is to limit horsepower to the highest horsepower single engine configuration offered as original equipment. The boatbuilder should be able to go into greater detail. This is your chance to simplify your dash and clean up the console, as well as consider adding joystick control, if you are running twins. If you've got a large multifunction display, you may also wish to network it to your outboard s to allow it to display engine data.

Converting to joystick control will also require hydraulic steering, and a specialized command bus to talk to the joystick. How you intend to use your outboard?

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If you do a lot of trolling or low speed operation, you may benefit from an outboard that makes use of fuel saving tactics like stratified combustion. For many boat owners, repowering means switching from a mechanically governed engine to one with electronic management. Boating Industry recently asked engine manufacturers to provide a product update and explain financing options that are available for providing more horsepower to the hull. According to Brunswick Corp. During the Nov.


Their presentation included a look ahead regarding repowering. There are roughly 8 million Mercury propulsion systems in the market today, Pfeifer said, further estimating a total of 18 million powerboats worldwide.

They want the quietest propulsion system. This is a big opportunity for us to expand on the product development investments that we have made. Ever since the Great Recession of , the number of people upgrading boats with improved horsepower has grown significantly each year. As four-stroke engines are developed and introduced, and continue to gain market share, Mercury Marine has seen a steady shift globally towards four-stroke technology, particularly in higher horsepower offerings. Twenty-first century engineering and manufacturing technology advances have made outboards faster, easier to handle, more durable, more reliable, lighter, lower-profile, quieter and more fuel-efficient.

Last September, Mercury Marine announced its latest repowering promotion, which focused on the 9. For Mercury Marine, a recent repowering success story is the 2. Consumers were given option to choose between a repower retail factory rebate or promotional financing of zero down, zero payments and zero interest for six months on qualifying repower purchases. As an added incentive, dealers can offer an additional cash rebate towards a repower or zero percent down, zero percent interest and zero payments for 6 months off and on throughout the year.

As four-stroke engines are developed and introduced, and continue to gain market share, Mercury Marine has seen a steady shift globally towards four-stroke technology, particularly in higher horsepower offerings, Gordon said.