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My personal advice, for what it is worth, please do believe all the sadly negative comments here. I made two purchases both birthday gifts on the 22nd September. Well, on the 26th it was still in TN.

After calling UPS, I was informed Mark and Graham had not handed it off for shipping until the 25th, as a result it would now be arriving after the fact, on the 30th, maybe. First the leather bag handles are splitting, and the gold metal feet underneath are already pitting. As for the monogram, it is blurred, and does not represent the online version, unprofessionally done and most disappointing.

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As for the general colour of the bag it is a dull Cobalt, not the vibrant colour as depicted online. In all fairness I did contact Mark and Graham Customer Service with regard to my husbands gift, Chantal placed me on several holds whilst checking on the Travel Pouch but to no avail. No amount of apologising will make up for a gift that arrives after the fact. We ordered two Mark and Graham Terminal 1 Collection suitcases. Locks on both were defective, impossible to open when we arrived at our international destination, and had to be cut off.

Buyer beware. When I called their customer service department to report this, they offered no remedy whatsoever. I'm not sure if anyone has used Mark and Graham for monogramming services and might have had a different experience, but I've found them to be unreliable and dishonest. I ordered a monogrammed item from them for my wedding almost two months ago and it's still back-ordered! They've assured me it will be delivered to me in two weeks and I'm not sure how that will happen given that the order hasn't even been processed yet.

I reached out to their customer service team weeks ago and they kept assuring me that I shouldn't cancel the order and that it will arrive in time. Still, nothing has changed and I haven't received any updates.

Then they suggested that I order another item instead that is completely different than what I purchased, which is not helpful at all. I looked on their website and this particular item is not listed as back-ordered even though it is and I think that's really dishonest of them because the estimated delivery date that they are stating is inaccurate by at least two months!! Maybe other folks have had better luck but I would steer clear of Mark and Graham unless you're willing to risk a delivery delay of two or more months!

I concur with the horrid reviews. The luggage sent was extremely poorly made and the "monogram" was simply decals. When I contacted the company about a piece received with trim pulling away from the seams and overall poor quality they advised they don't warrant the products and I needed to contact the manufacturer. A terrible company to work with. Surprising this is a branch of Williams Sonoma shipping notice came from there.

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I will cite this on twitter as well as social media to let others know. Not a good company to work with and a shame to affiliate the Williams Sonoma brand. My error in that I should have searched company reviews vs just noticing the luggage didn't have reviews. I ordered the celebration wine bowl as an engagement gift. The item arrived and is nice-looking but did not come with a gift box or bow.

I contacted customer service and they assured me that they would be sending out the box and bow. Despite repeated contacts to customer service, no box or bow has arrived at my house yet it has been well over a month! I'm not sure what the issue is but I have been very disappointed at the service. THe bags are NOT real leather or look as advertised!!!! They refuse to refund you. So glad I read all these horrible reviews first! Have ordered from them twice before w varied experiences. In one case the item never arrived and customer service was terrific about shipping another.

But it was a scarf, and acrylic, and pilled immediately. More recently I bought a suede tote on sale. I will never ever buy from this company again.

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The fact that you cannot return a sale item is ridiculous!!! It's in the fine print and not listed under the actual product. I purchased an item that is still listed on the website in the same color but I was told my item was a clearance item? How can an item be considered clearance and yet still available for purchase.

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  • I don't even like what I bought. To echo what many have said - terrible customer service!! I ordered something for my wedding, it showed up damaged. They issued a replacement, which also showed up damaged and by damaged, I mean snapped completely in half. I called customer service after each item arrived damaged, after hashing out the entire ordeal, they would say "you'll see the refund on your credit card statement in 10 business days". This wouldn't happen so I'd call business days later.

    We'd chat. I'd get the same response about the refund coming in 10 business days. And repeat. And repeat This morning, I finally spoke with a "supervisor" who told me there was nothing they could do about issuing a refund. He had a different explanation than the many customer service reps I had spoken to He told me because they never charged my card, I couldn't get a refund and I would have to dispute it with my credit card company. And, since Mark and Graham had strung me along for so long promising that my refund would come "in 10 business days", I was past this 60 day mark.

    Do not buy from them. There are many other companies out there that will not treat you this terribly. I would give them 0 stars if I could. I received the Harvey Overnight Bag as a gift about 8 months ago. I've only used the bag about times for short overnight trips and the zipper broke. Mark and Graham customer service said the bag was outside of their 3 month policy so they would not fix, replace or refund the bag.

    Based off of other reviews, it seems they sell defective products and hold their breath that it breaks outside of the 3 month window. This is very surprising for a company that is owned by William Sonoma. I'd highly recommend looking at other companies that build travel bags to last. I'm not even going to get into the quality of the products - in short, garbage for the price. The customer service!!!!!!!!!!

    And still for an issue that is unresolved. In brief, bought an item - terrible quality, returned it - they wouldn't give me a refund on my credit card, so they sent a gift card. I went to use it, nothing on it. You can claim it. If you are having problems viewing this email, please Click Here. RBG's 19th Hole! Toggle navigation Milled.

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